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A Narco History

How the United States and Mexico jointly created the "Mexican drug war"
coautora- Boullosa Carmen
coautor- Wallace Mike
Libro 2015
Mexico and Mexicans in the Making of the United States

editor- Tutino John
autora del capítulo- Weber Devra
Capítulo del libro 2012
The United States and México: more than neighbors

coautor del libro- Putman Katie
coautor del capítulo, coautor del libro- Selee Andrew
coautor del capítulo, coautor del libro- Wilson Christopher
Capítulo del libro 2010
The eagle and the virgin

Nation and cultural revolution in México, 1920-1940
editor- Lewis Stephen E.
editora- Vaughan Mary K.
autora del capítulo- Waters Wendy
Capítulo del libro 2006
Adventures into Mexico

American Tourism Beyond the Border
editor- Dagen Bloom Nicholas
autor del capítulo- Wilkie Richard R.
Capítulo del libro 2006
Detached from their Homeland

The Latter-Day Saints of Chihuahua, Mexico
autor- Smith Jeffrey S.
autor- White Benjamin N.
Artículo 2004
Meat for the Multitudes

Market Culture in Paris, New York City, and Mexico City over the Long Nineteenth Century
autor- Horowitz Roger
autor- Pilcher Jeffrey M.
autor- Watts Sydney
Artículo 2004
Operations on the Boundary

The State, the Border and Marginalized Identities
autor- Wright Richard A.
Artículo 2004
The "Sabine Chute"

The U. S. Army and the Texas Revolution
autor- Walraven Bill
autor- Walraven Marjorie K.
Artículo 2004
Wage-Labor Migration and Class in Jalisco and the United States

autor- Wilson Tamara Diana
Artículo 2004
Sacrificed at the Álamo

Tragedy and Triumph in the Texas Revolution
autor- Winders Richard Bruce
Libro 2004
Crouching Fox, Hidden Eagle

Drug Trafficking and Transnational Security. A Perspective from the Tijuana-San Diego Border
autor- Willoughby Randy
Artículo 2003
The Lynching of Persons of Mexican Origin or Descent in the United States, 1848 to 1928

autor- Carrigan William
autor- Webb Clive
Artículo 2003
The Twentieth-Century Ghosts of William Walker

Conquest of Land and Water as Central Themes in the History of the Colorado River Delta
autor- Ward Evan R.
Artículo 2003

Undocumented Mexican Immigrants Crossing the Border
autor- Wilson Tamara Diana
Artículo 2002
Jefferson Looks Westward

President Secretly Sought Funds from Congress to Explore Louisiana Territory, Develop Trade
autor- Worsham James
Artículo 2002
Revisiting the Topia Road

Walking in the Footsteps of West and Parsons
autor- Leib Jonathan
autor- Walker Jonathan
Artículo 2002
Crisis in the Southwest

The United States, Mexico, and the Struggle over Texas
autor- Winders Richard Bruce
Libro 2002
Anticipating the Colonias

Popular Housing in El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, 1890-1923
autor- Wood Andrew
Artículo 2001
Mormon Colonias in Chihuahua

autor- Wright John
Artículo 2001