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TÍtulo/Subtitulo Autor Material Año Edicion
Wage-Labor Migration and Class in Jalisco and the United States

autor- Wilson Tamara Diana
Artículo 2004
Waiting in Veracruz

autor- Haverstock Mike
Artículo 1983
Wa(i)ves of Influence

Rockefeller Public Health in Mexico, 1920-50
autor- Birn Anne-Emanuelle
Artículo 2000
Walls and Mirrors

Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and the Politics of Ethnicity
autor- Gutiérrez David G.
Libro 1995
Walls to Paint on

American Muralists in Mexico, 1933-1936 (Pablo O'Higgins)
autor- Oles James
Tesis doctoral 1995
War Along the Border

The Mexican Revolution and Tejano Communities
editor- de León Arnoldo
autor del capítulo- Hart Paul
Capítulo del libro 2012
War Along the Border

The Mexican Revolution and Tejano Communities
editor- de León Arnoldo
autor del capítulo- Kreneck Thomas H.
Capítulo del libro 2012
War, Diplomacy, and Development

The United States and México, 1938-1954
autor- Niblo Stephen R.
Libro 1995
War Scare on the Rio Grande

Robert Runyon’s Photographs of the Border Conflict, 1913-1916
autor- Runyon Robert
autor- Samponaro Frank N.
autor- Vanderwood Paul
Libro 1994
Wars within War

Mexican Guerrillas, Domestic Elites, and the United States of America, 1846-1848
autor- Levinson Irving W.
Libro 2005
War-Times Portraits of the Gringo

American Invaders and the Manufacture of Mexican Nationalism
autor- Colcleugh Malcolm Bruce
Artículo 1995
"Weakness Offers Temptation"

William H. Seward and the Reassertion of the Monroe Doctrine
autor- Valone Stephen J.
Artículo 1995
Weak Ties, Strong Ties

Network Principles in Mexican Migration
autor- Wilson Tamara Diana
Artículo 1998
"We Are our Own Trumpeters"

Robert E. Lee Describes Winfield Scott's Campaign to Mexico City
editor- Gallagher Gary W.
Artículo 1987
"We Go to Get Ahead"

Gender Status in Two Mexican Migrant Communities
autor- Malkin Victoria
Artículo 2004
What a Difference a Crisis Make

NAFTA, Mexico and the United States
autor- Morris Stephen D.
autor- Passe-Smith John
Artículo 2001
What Carter Didn't Know About Mexico and Why He Didn't Know It

autor- Smith Joseph Burkholder
Artículo 1979
What's Driving Mexico-U. S. Migration?

A Theoretical, Empirical, and Policy Analysis
autor- Espinosa Kristin E.
autor- Massey Douglas S.
Artículo 1997
What's to Be Done With 'em?

Images of Mexican Cultural Backwardness, Racial Limitations, and Moral Decrepitude in the United States Press, 1913-1915
autor- Anderson Mark
Artículo 1998
When Did Francisco I. Madero Decide on Revolution?

autor- Knudson Jerry W.
Artículo 1974